IOT Solutions in the Mining Industry

IOT Solutions in the Mining Industry


Wipelot RTLS Mine IoT solution Phase -1 has been successfully implemented. System achieved sub-meter accuracy in an underground and open mine which has 22 kilometers gallery and 2.000.000 m2 open site. With the help of our RF mesh and high precision sensing technology, system provides failover communication, easy installation, high availability and accurate tracking features. System consists of thousands of IoT nodes. And all nodes are able to communicate from thousands of meters at underground and also from open area which is kilometers away from central office.

System provides all in one solution which includes the following components:

 Employee Occupational Safety Underground: System manages all locations, status and emergency issues of worker at galleries with the total length of 22 kms. Implementation done.

 Employee Occupational Safety Open Mine: System manages all locations, status and emergency issues of worker at open mine kilometers away management office. Implementation done.

 Vehicle Tracking : System is able to track hundreds of vehicles with cm accuracy, collect speed and traveled distance informations. Implementation on progress.

 Gate Control: With the help of accurate location knowledge of vehicles system will be able control special zones and create virtual gates in order to control vehicle traffic. Implementation will be done at Phase 2.

 Environment Monitoring Integration: System will be integrated to exising gas measurement system and additional RF integrated sensors will be installed at phase