WIPELOT product family offers economical, practical wireless solutions in the concept of automation and location tracking, work safety and data measurement and analysis.

By the virtue of WIPELOT OTX Automation solutions instantly ambient temperature, humidity, gas, light etc., values may be measured and evaluated.

WIPELOT RTLS Location Tracking solutions in indoor or special locations accurately tracking personnel and/or equipment locations make assessments and carry out seasonal analysis.

WIPELOT ISG in the context of work safety enables instantly to be aware of the circumstances of individuals obliged to work under risky and dangerous environments and providing interference time periods creating industrial solutions.

WIPELOT product family from health to tourism, from safety to industry over widespread of branches produces valuable outcomes and creates positive gains in business processes.


Wipelot RTLS geolocation solutions are tracking, analysis and evaluation systems designed to track the real-time location of personnel and equipment in indoor spaces, open/underground mining sites, construction sites, aprons and similar specialized areas.

Wipelot ISG offers solutions that monitor in real-time the situation of employees working in hazardous environments such as mines and shipyards with a high occupational health and safety risk, and reduce emergency response times through location-based alerts.

Wipelot SafeZone is a geofence system that issues a warning to the user when the safe distance between forklift trucks, heavy construction equipment, workers or other sundry paraphernalia is exceeded to prevent crashes.

Wipelot OTX wireless measuring solutions are a warning system that instantly measures and evaluates data such as temperature, humidity, gas, light, production and consumption meter readings. It is used to prevent risky situations in working environments and achieve high savings by optimizing energy consumption.