Wireless Solutions In Industry Sector

Wireless Solutions In Industry Sector

Industrial zones are usually complicated and time-oriented markets. Equipments, materials, workers and devices are always mobile. During the manufacturing process increasing manufacture volume of those entities and reducing expenses, developing transactions and optimization seems crucially important. Wipelot harmonizing work solutions, locations, circumstances and circumstance data through various sources inside the board in any ambient enable clear image on a single platform. Wipelot utilizing Wi-Fi skills in an advanced magnitude moves operations further away.

Wipelot RTLS Worker-Equipment Administration

In industry there are widespread of inventories and equipments. By the virtue of Wipelot RTLS which enables tracking and inspection for those apparatus permits manufacturers to automate equipment applications as a whole, just pressing on a single key realize real time inventory count. In addition, device convenience instantly and analysis to explore the most efficient use of those devices may be actualized very practically. Moreover, over the industrial zones workers spend vast majority of their times searching inventories and materials. Thanks to Wipelot RTLS place of a desired property, convenience for use is confirmed easily. Furthermore, place of lost or stolen equipments may be found easily. Wipelot RTLS avails to find out the places of workers, inventories and equipments when searched and how long they remained on a point on one single platform. Offers instant and retrospective reports.

Wipelot OTX Based Environmental Wireless Solutions

Wipelot OTX combine gas, illumination, humidity, temperature values wirelessly. Send out warning at the upper and lower rates of those indicated values.

Worker Tracking and Safety by Wipelot ISG

Wipelot ISG inside operating area in safety related circumstances sending out real time warnings in terms of worker's safety offers broad range tracking and detection. In emergency cases or in case of a problem for workers just pressing on a key will be satisfactory. Additionally, even if worker stay motionless such as faint situation system automatically perceiving the motionless case transmit the help claim of a worker to responsible personnel.
Direct benefits of Wipelot wireless work solutions for manufacturers;

  Intensifies efficiency and production.
 Considerably reduces equipment theft and loss.
  Significantly increases employee and visitor's safety.
  Provide quality rise. By means of maximum equipment use reduces wasted material volume.
  Enables automated manufacturing process.
  Ease material use and maintenance.
  Directs manufacturers to new interferences.

Work Accidents in Turkey Industry

According to Social Insurance Board (SGK) statistics indicates that every year in Turkey 72 thousand work accidents, 600 vocational sicknesses are found and 878 of them had lethal outcomes, 2 thousand 87 persons become unable to work. Presenting the fact that as a result of work accidents and vocational illnesses 1 million 831 thousand 252 work force was lost creating significant loss, work accidents and vocational illnesses were told to have created strong loss over the state economy. Further to work health and safety, stable and efficient precautions were informed obligatory.