Wireless Solutions In Aviation Sector

Wireless Solutions In Aviation Sector

Aviation company's and airport management encompasses broad range of mobile subjects require control. Wipelot RTLS system reinforcing employee productivity and attenuating employment power requirements pulls down asset location track and managerial expenses. .

Complicated Airport Logistic Operations

As long as aviation industry keep developing, necessities on airports increase in return. Airports have to enlarge their operational abilities satisfying increasing requirements. While all those requirements are realized, they are in charge of making hundreds of flights without any problem and safely and at the same time obliged to give service to passengers in a comfortable environment. International airports constituted by hundreds of kilometre squares spaces. In those spaces from one area to the other regularly suitcases, service vehicles, personnel and other equipments move. For sustainability in airport management excellent skilful human resources, private devices, developed logistic support and most importantly complicated planning processes are required. Usually, more than one teams simultaneously require same type equipments.

Critical Points in Airport Logistic

In such an active environment, private vehicles, carriers or alternative equipments may easily go toward faulty directions and even may be lost. For that reason,regarding tracking the location of those equipments and for reporting employees are given assignments. During this process, reports are being lost, delays may be experienced, following the reporting locations of the equipments may be changed. This complicated logistic problem deregulate airport profitability ratios and increase operational costs. Following solutions indicated down may be applied for minimizing those wastes:
  For finding lost objects, discovering an efficient and reliable method.
  To take care of the found object directing a carrier and a special vehicle.
  For preparation to flight tracking required critical objects.
  Eradicating manual track operations pulling down operational expenditures.

Wipelot Location Tracking Devices

Wipelot innovates plenty of tools providing efficiency increase in the field of resource management for airlines company's and airport firms. Furthermore, in a more advanced level equipment personnel movement direction tracking and analysis leads to developments in work processes. In condensed logistic processes at airports trouble shooting is made by collection of location information.