Wireless Solutions in the Construction Sector

Wireless Solutions in the Construction Sector

The construction industry is sector with compex requirements like precise locationing and real time tracking of personnel, equipment and material and their volume within the construction site. In a multi storey building construction area, finding a person, or counting the remaining material manually and reporting back causes causes a big loss of time. However, by addressing proper RFID solutions the resource usage can be optimized. Also using RTLS, overall tracking time of personnel and equipments will be decreased dramatically. Wipelot emergency call system brings great advantages in terms of occupational safety.

Wipelot RTLS Equipment and Worker Tracking and Management

In a construction area, workers spent lots of time to find each other, materials and equipments.With help of Wipelot RTLS, the location of the required equipment on floor and room basis and its availability can be determined.Besides, the where abouts of lost or stolen equipment can be easily detected.

  If the visitors or personnel enter prohibited areas, a warning is issued.

  The personnel entry and exit times for a specific region or the entire field is recorded.

  The location of the personnel in the field can be tracked, recorded, and reported.

Workers’ Safety by Wipelot ISG

Wipelot ISG, enables safety of workers by enhanced security monitoring, tracking, and audit on the contruction area.In case of emergency the workers demand help by pressing on a single button. In addition, in case of inactivity or falldown situations the system automatically warns the monitoring staff about the issue.

Accidents in Construction Sector

According to SGK (social security institution),

  236 people in the 8106 work-related accidents in 2004,

  290 in the 6480 in 2005

  397 in 7143 in 2006

 369 in 7 615 in 2007,

 297 in 5574 in 2008.

  and starting from 2009, each year, average of 3 persons in 200 work-related accidents lost their lives and another 10 become disabled and unable to work..