About Us?

Company Profile

Wipelot Teknoloji, is an R&D, Design and Manufacturing technology company experienced on real time person and equipment location tracking. Founded in 2005, Wipelot Teknoloji operates in 25 countries with its subsidiaries. It has successfully carried out various projects and created products in the field of Industry 4.0, IOT, RFID, mobile technologies and communication technologies and has developed a broad solution family with WIPELOT© brand. Wipelot Teknoloji is the first industrial IOT supplier company in Turkey and has the strongest customer references.

Wipelot Teknoloji intends to continue strengthening its R&D and Design effort, and creating new and high quality products, and plan to increase its overseas activities.

Success History

  •   2009 First Smart Occupational Safety System in Turkey
  •   2014 First High precision Vehicle Collusion Avoidance System in Turkey
  •   2015 large-Scale Active RFID Manufacturing Tracking Application
  •   2015 First Underground High Accuracy personnel & Equipment Tracking in Turkey
  •   2016 IDC Best Industrial IoT 4.0 Application in Manufacturing
  •   2017 IDC Most Inovative Project (Signalization)
  •   2019 Other Industry RFID Journal Best RFID Application Award
  •   2019 Winovation Win Inovation Award (Construction Site Tracking)
  •   2019 Inovation Results Category - Inovalig 3rd Prize Winner

Road Map

  • In the field of wireless communication and mobile technologies, generating reliable solutions and products in our country and abroad.
  • In the course of development of location tracking technologies and applications in various fields providing special solutions.
  • Thereby business partnerships and introducing our technologies we sophisticated to the countries in the region taking share from international information market.
  • In the pursuit of our knowledge accumulation and experience, offering project consultancy to expand our industrial business scope.
  • Emerging as a milestone in national and international markets as the manufacturer in information and communication technologies.
  • Name of Wipelot Teknoloji will be always mentioned with high level quality and reliability.

Working Areas

  • Project Consultancy

    • Wireless Business Solutions
    • Mobile Projects
    • B2B Business Solutions
    • B2C E-Commerce Solutions
    • B2G Business Solutions
  • Products

    • Wipelot® Products
      • WIPELOT® RTLS Location Tracking
      • WIPELOT® ISG Workplace Safety
      • WIPELOT® OTX Wireless Measurement
      • WIPELOT® SafeZone Vehicle Accident and Collision Prevention System
    • WIPELOT® Active RFID Production Tracking System
    • WIPELOT® RFID Warehouse Automation
    • WIPELOT® RFID Equipment Tracking System
    • Sale Goal & Score System
    • Order Collecting & Management System
    • Plankton Mobile Device Management System
    • Mobile Questionnaire System
    • B2B-B2C Ticket Sale System
  • R&D

    • RTLS Location Tracking
    • Mobile Guidance
    • Mobile Data Logging